Our Architectural Services

2D & 3D Floor Plan Conversions

CADcure offers architectural Floor Plans as a part of its CAD Drafting Services, including conversion of hand-sketched drawings into 2D & 3D Floor Plans and completing any remodelling of floor plans.CADcure can start assisting you once we receive your input files which maybe PDF, hand-drawn sketches or photographs of drawings.

Here are some floor plan conversion options that we provide:

  1. 2D Floor Plans: We convert hand-sketched drawings, PDF files or legacy drawings to 2D floor plans.
  2. 3D Floor Plans: We can draft an accurate 3D floor plan CAD drawing from 2D drawing (converting 2D to 3D) or we can start with a hand-sketch, first convert it to 2D and then create 3D floor plans.
  3. Remodelling Floor Plans: We can convert existing 2D floor plans to meet changing requirements and then convert them to 3D floor plan as needed.

Your Benefits:

  1. CADcure proudly offers a 12-hour - 24-hour turnaround window for most floor plan conversion services.
  2. CADcure guarantees at least 99% accuracy in every project. We can maintain such quality standards because of highly trained and certified CAD drafters (all with 2 to 5 years of experience) working under the constant guidance of senior CAD engineers.

3D Modelling

CADcure provides architectural 3D modelling services, providing exterior and interior images for architects, retailers, home builders and general contractors. Our team has expertise in providing architectural modelling solutions from conceptual design to 3D modelling, guaranteeing high precession, high quality and cost effectiveness. With our 3D modelling services, you will get a better idea of your project before the physical construction takes place.It is important to know that good and detailed 3D models help you save a lot of time and effort during construction. The margin of error in the construction process decreases when you opt for creating a virtual architectural model at first as any error of design can get rectified at this stage, therefore saving time effort during the building stage.

Some of our main 3D Architectural Modelling Services include:

  1. Architectural 3D Modelling: We create architectural 3D models for residential buildings, institutional buildings, industrial buildings, shopping malls and many others.
  2. 3D Interior Modelling: Our Designers will be adding all the necessary details including doors, window, wall texture, light and shading, railings, parking and other as per your specification.
  3. 3D Exterior Modelling: Our Designers can extract top angle views, side angle views and perspectives to help you have a better and clear idea of the overall structure (details including material, texture and surrounding details will also be added).

Our team utilises latest CAD software to create the interior and exterior detail of your project, with the further possibility for converting it into walkthrough animation, very useful for marketing and presentation.

3D Rendering

At CADcure we help designers and real estate developers to illustrate design concept and turn ideas into reality. 3D rendered images can present the architectural designs in such a way that will impress your customers and partners. You can immediately visualise the end product in images that are vibrant and realistic that bring your vision to life.

Our main rendering services are as follows:

  1. Lighting and Texture: Colours and textures are applied to the defined surfaces to re-create the design concept and also express the lighting effect and its impact that includes both natural light and artificial light.
  2. Accessorising: For interior rendering, furniture is added to the scene. For exterior rendering, landscape elements such as trees, cars, waterbodies are added. We work closely with our customers to select the most appropriate furnishing and landscaping elements.
  3. Detailing: Detailing may refer to bolts, door handles, sidewalk joints, building lightning, and other minute details that can readily enhance the realism of the renderings.
  4. Animation: Through animation, your project intention and vision will be communicated in the most effective way.

By simply sending your files to us, you can have high-quality architectural 3D renders returned. Our skilled team transforms your 2D drawings into photorealistic visualisation.

Animations & Walkthroughs

3D walkthrough of architectural animation is quite simply one of the most effective pre-sales tools you could ever use. In recent times 3D walkthrough is an essential part of the architectural field. Its eye-catching technology gains the investors trust on his investment in real estate fields. CADcure having an expertise in making hyper-realistic 3D virtual walkthrough which gives a strong impact on the viewer’s mind. Our 3D walkthrough animation allows viewers to see the building take shape, the exterior perspective, the landscape and environment, the interior, lighting, texture, and furniture in vivid colours and realistic rendering. From plan building design to building under construction on an older building, we can perform animation magic to deliver 3D walkthrough animation to you.