Our Civil Services

Construction Services

In order for a building project to be successful, there have to be accurate construction drawings made of the house plans and floor plans to provide different workers with a basic guideline to work on, focusing largely on the design and architectural aspects of the Civil Engineering industry. It is a specialised type of technical drawing portraying the information about grading, landscaping and the site details.

CAD services are being largely used by the civil engineers as it can respond quickly to the needs and can also work within a short span of time. Nowadays along with CAD services, CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) services is also being used by the engineers to design the structure of the buildings and other sites. The progress of the project will be informed to the clients on regular basis. While working with us clients can contact our team at their suitable time and allow us to make their project much more valuable and successful.

Construction Cost Estimation

CADcure can provide you with a highly accurate cost estimate, helping you to estimate the cost of the ongoing project and the overall management cost to be presented to the builder.

Careful consideration of all the specification of your project given, including the feasibility analysis, materials and equipment, design and labour, inspection and testing, etc. CADcure helps contractors and engineers with estimates that determine the project cost and profits, with the development of a database or with evaluation of construction alternatives.

Your Benefit

  1. Getting a quick determination of the feasibility of your project.
  2. Having a quick screening on alternatives.
  3. Establishing financial requirements and construction budgets.